Spooky BTS for Brow Goat

It’s spooky season! Time to dust off your cobwebs and pumpkins. Last year in the studio I had a lot of fun creating some spooky pics for my client Brow Goat.

I got out my Cricut Joy (a small cutting machine) and got to work! The shapes I choose are super simple, but still SCREAM Halloween.

The bats and moon were easy to add to the scene, I simply tacked them onto the backdrop! The trees were a little trickier as I wanted them to be standing by themselves around the product. The solution I came up with was tacking some floral wire to the back of the tree with a 90degree bend.

The trick was to ensure the wire wasn’t showing in the angle I shot from.

The lighting setup was super simple. To achieve the very soft-barely there shadows I put a soft box to the left of my scene, on a very low power. My main light was pointed away from the scene, towards the ceiling. This bounced the light off the entire room which created those super subtle shadows.

I also brought out the paper bats for another shot.

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