How to use a Lightroom preset on mobile: bonus free peach preset!

Ever seen anyone keep a SUPER clean, aesthetic feed on insta? They probably use presets. There is a misconception that using lightroom mobile is not as simple as throwing on a vsco or insta filter. I’m here to show you how to do it and how easy it is! PLUS keep reading for your bonus FREE preset!

  1. Step one download your preset you wish to use.
  2. Hit the import symbol (see pics below)
  3. Select the DNG file and then “ADD”
  4. Select “presets” along the bottom menu.
  5. Hit the three dots in the top right hand corner then “Create Preset”
  6. Give your preset a name and hit the tick
  7. It’s that simple. The preset is now in your library and can be used when you want!

Now is your chance to practice installing a preset with this free peach preset. You can download it via google drive here:

Please tag @aesthetic_socials so we can see your beautiful photos!

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